Shrimp to Shore

Shrimp to Shore is a fourth generation family commercial fishing operation based in Florida specializing in wild caught shrimp. Their mission is to share their products with not only their local community but with the entire country.

Tyler Vogelsong is 24 years old and oldest sibling in his family to take on the family business. He's a fourth generation shrimper and is ultra passionate about connecting his community and the country to his family's shrimp. 

Everything sold is harvested, packed and shipped by the family DIRECTLY to your door!


Saraspe Seafoods - Saraspe Family 

The Saraspe family has been servicing the San Diego area since the early ‘50s. The family’s fleet was established in 1952 when Lauro Saraspe built his first skiff. Unlike the average college student, he fished the early mornings before class and would drive around selling that morning’s catch to restaurants and wholesalers at lunchtime. He was one of the first fishermen in San Diego to supply Chesapeake Fish Co. and Anthony’s Fish Grotto.  

The fascination with fishing all started with Lauro, a father to three children, and grandfather to seven. Lauro’s children accompanied him on many of his fishing trips to San Clemente Island, sometimes for weeks at a time. His two daughters, Elizabeth and Alexandra and his son Andy maintain a true love for the ocean that was imprinted at a young age.  

Adapting over the years, Lauro Saraspe decided to venture into new fisheries. He transitioned to Spot Prawn fishing in the early 1980s and has been trap fishing for prawn for over 38 years. The Spot Prawn fishery in California is limited to 16 permits making it an extremely regulated limited-entry fishery. Today, Andy holds one of the 16 Spot Prawn permits in all of California. 

As a family, we are determined to change the way local products are marketed. In 2015, we shifted our family business from selling straight to distributors and instead built a brand that is geared towards serving the greater community and supporting sustainable food systems. Living in a multi-generational fishing family, we hold onto a tenet that all fishermen know; suffering is temporary, but the pride in our work and gifts of our experiences are long-lasting. As a family fleet of artisanal fishermen we understand the importance of preserving our resources for the next generations to come. It is our goal to make our locally-caught products more accessible for the direct consumer, allowing them to get a taste of real freshness.


Love Point Oysters

Love Point Oysters is located in Harpswell, Maine where we farm world-class oysters in an effort to highlight our inherent love of the natural world and celebrate positive, healthy relationships with our natural resources. Our oysters are carefully cultivated for over two years while they grow in the clean, cold waters of Casco Bay, Maine. Our oysters never touch the seafloor, instead they live their lives in floating oyster bags where they are gently massaged by rolling waves moving through the bay and develop thick shells and plump meats.

West Caught Fish - Scott Breneman

Scott is a multi-generational fishermen out of Newport Beach, CA. He can be found down at the dory fleet at sunrise and his bread and butter is Live Sablefish (Black Cod). 



Consistency in business is a hard thing to achieve. Especially in the seafood industry! But that's the reputation Water2Table has earned over the years.

Joe and his wife Andi Conte own the small company located on the Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco. They started the company because they saw an opportunity to support the small hook and line boats landing exceptional products.

Water2Table quickly became a favorite supplier for quality focused Chefs in SF and throughout Napa Valley. COVID created an opportunity for the general public to learn what exclusive Bay and Napa Area restaurants have know for decades: If Water2Table doesn't have it you probably don't want want it!

Water2Table focus is on local hook and line fisheries. They work with small boats landing premium fish which are offloaded directly from fishermen and their local receivers.



Sullivan Seafood - Jamie Sullivan

Jamie's fish have been proudly served at the BEST restaurants around the country. From The French Laundry, Jean-Georges, Daniel, 11 Madison Park, Alinea, Oriole, Masa, and Le Bernardin to name a few. But you'd never know that if you met him.

Jamie Sullivan is exactly what you might expect a multigenerational commercial fisherman from Cape Cod to be: fiercely private. After 3 or 4 years of slowly earning his trust you might get more than a sentence out of him.

Jamie is a lot of things. He's an exceptional fisherman, insanely smart, and most importantly he's the most dedicated father I've ever met. He is a perfectionist in everything he does and it shows in his fish.

When you think of fishermen you'd LOVE to hang out with and listen to stories Jamie is at firmly at the top of that list.

Jamie is a true day boat fisherman targeting Black Sea Bass, Tautog, Bluefish as well as harpooning tunas. Jamie is up EARLY to go fishing so he can be home in the evening to spend time with his daughter and son.


Gulf of Maine Sashimi

Gulf of Maine Sashimi is on a mission to make things better. Better for the fish, for the fishermen, and for the environment. They're doing this by working directly with fishermen to secure the highest quality seafood on the market.

They train harvesters in best handling practices, and we guarantee premium prices to the boats in exchange for top-quality seafood.

Gulf of Maine Sashimi provides a diverse suite of seafood harvested at their seasonal peak in harmony with the ocean, serving our customers with exciting diversity that changes with the seasons.

Driftless Trout


Everything Driftless Fish does starts with a very simple goal: to raise fish of a quality that can't be matched.

Driftless Fish sites are situated on natural springs throughout the Driftless Region of Minnesota and Wisconsin. These springs provide a continuous supply of cold, well-oxygenated, and nutrient rich water which is essential for raising healthy fish.

The largest site is located above one of the largest artesian springs suppling 2,000+ gallons of pristine water per minute.

With quality as their focus Driftless Fish controlling every aspect of the process from the hatchery to the processing and packing.


Chatham Shellfish


Founded in 1976, Chatham Shellfish Company has been a revitalizing force of aquaculture in the region. Revisiting techniques of old, when oyster grants lined the Oyster River and Oyster Pond, and incorporating genuinely self-made technology they've forged a successful modern day shellfish farming venture.

Chatham Shellfish Company has had the pleasure of developing the best oyster farmers on Cape Cod over the years. They slug through the heaviest of tasks, and also perform delicate husbandry methods with quickness and efficiency in order to deliver some of the best quality oysters.


Ventura Fresh Fish

On a lovely fall day in sunny southern California, I was pulling lobster gear with my husband. We were returning octopus, crabs, and various other species back into the water. I couldn't believe this seafood wasn't being enjoyed by our local communities. Being from Seattle, WA I grew up eating a large variety of really delicious seafood. Now living in Ventura, CA I found myself amazed at how disconnected the working waterfronts were with the millions of consumers just outside our harbors. Do they know how delightfully edible the seafood is right here in our Southern California local waters?  

Since day one, a genuine love and passion for our catch and our own market patrons have defined who we are and what we do. We educate customers daily on the variety and uniqueness of what our local ocean has to share.

We're Fishergals, fishermen's wives, daughters, sisters, and friends. We have fifty plus years of seafood experience from these local waters. While some of us aren't on the water fishing day after day, we are the backbone of fishermen. We are stewards of our oceans, chefs of our kitchens, and teachers of the next generations.