E-Fish originally launched to address the archaic ways restaurants procure seafood in the US. Not only does the industry currently function on literal pencils and paper, but the traceability of products is abysmal. While we launched selling seafood to restaurants like Jean-Georges, Esca, The Fulton, and Bellemore, we have since switched gears and are selling product directly to anyone in the US. That's right, literally restaurant quality seafood straight to your doorstep.  

In many ways, seafood gets treated like a commodity. Fishermen don't get paid more for taking care of their product or less for neglecting it, they all get paid pretty much the same amount. As a result, within the traditional market, there's little incentive for a fishermen to be hyper-focused on quality - It's just not worth their time. We create that incentive for fishermen. E-fish provides a platform through which harvesters can earn better wages for their traceable, higher quality products. 


About the Team

Matthew Henderson - Founder
I never know what to write about myself so I'll cut and paste a recent introduction.

If you ask Matthew Henderson what he does for work he’ll answer: “I sell dead fish”. But in the sea of fishmongers, Matthew is the go-to-guy for Chefs seeking distinctive and exceptional products, and for fishermen looking to buck the typical supply chain to connect directly with chefs.

Matthew has been connecting Chefs and discerning retail shoppers with traceable seafood ranging from hard-to-find species like Live Sea Scallops and Cali Gold Uni to quality staples like Wild King Salmon and Black Sea Bass for nearly 20 years.

The three Michelin stars tattooed across his wrist symbolize his dedication to excellence, as well as his clientele: from Jean-Georges to The French Laundry, Alinea to Catbird Seat. Odds are that one of your seafood dishes has a great story behind it that Matthew delivers.


Jeffrey Tedmori - CEO & Founder

First and foremost, Jeff is an avid fishermen and ocean goer. His passion for selling seafood stems from an early age catching yellowfin tuna and wahoo in Baja California and sharing it with his family and neighbors. 

Jeff received his MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management. Prior to Sloan, Jeff was living in Southern California, working for Patagonia in various functions including accounting, finance, and corporate development. Having worked as a member of Patagonia’s corporate-impact VC, Tin Shed Ventures, Jeff was determined to join the operating side of startups as a founder. Jeff has also worked for various other impact-driven startups like Allbirds and Seabin Project. As an avid fishermen and outdoorsmen, Jeff is empowered to use business to preserve the world’s oceans.