Every product shipped on E-Fish comes right from the region it was caught in. As a result, the delivery date for each product depends on the schedule of the fisherman! You'll find the delivery date on each individual product page. We currently ship once a week for each product on the site (weather dependent) and we cut-off ordering two days prior to the delivery date at 8pm Eastern Time (ET).

Shipping Cost as of January 1st, 2022

  • Nationwide (except HI and AK): $34.50 per package



How will my order be shipped?

Orders are shipped through UPS Next day air. Currently we ship with a post-consumer recycled cotton liner (similar to wall insulation texture), that's meant to keep product cold for 48-72 hours in transit. 


What temperature will my seafood be delivered at?

All of our products are shipped right from the dock in boxes with gel packs. We recommend keeping track of the UPS Delivery schedule and putting it in the refrigerator immediately.


I used a thermogun and the fish was above 40F, what should I do?

In the summertime, this can happen temporarily. However, the thermogun measures the temperature of the plastic, and not the product. If you take a milk carton out of the refrigerator and temp it, it will be above 50F because you are measuring the container, and not the milk itself.


Is fresh seafood better than frozen? (Most of the other delivery companies deliver their products frozen with dry ice)

We believe that fresh seafood is always better than frozen when it comes to products that are truly only 48 hours out of the water. However, freezing your product is perfectly normal. The difference is that ice crystals form on/in the product that change the texture of the product. When you thaw the product, that moisture that leaves the product is the delicious flavor! When defrosting, defrost in the fridge at least overnight.


Where does my product ship from?

We ship right from the docks of the fishermen we work with. If you're ordering California king salmon, it's going to be coming from California! As a result, if you want Maine oysters and Florida shrimp, you're going to receive two boxes.


Where do you ship?

We are currently shipping to the lower 48 states.


What happens is something goes wrong with the shipment?

You won't find customer service better than what you'll experience at E-Fish. If anything goes wrong, gets delayed, or doesn't sit right, we'll make it right. Don't hesitate to email ( or text us (833) 211-3578 and we'll take care of you!