TransparentSea Prawn - Southern California

Downey, CA

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Meet… TransparentSea Prawns

Sustainably sourced from a cutting-edge recirculating aquaculture farm California. No added chemicals and almost no water consumption. These head-on prawns from Steve exemplify our commitment to sourcing the most sustainable seafood on the planet. TransparentSea's innovative closed-system approach ensures water is continuously filtered, creating a pristine habitat for the prawns while protecting minimizing water usage. Unlike farms elsewhere, you can feel good knowing that there aren't labor issues, no added chemicals, and no destruction of our ever important mangroves. With their succulent texture and delicate flavor, these Pacific White-Legged Prawns are harvested to order and sold head-on, preserving their natural beauty. By choosing TransparentSea, you support sustainable aquaculture practices and the future of seafood, while indulging in an exquisite culinary experience.

TransparentSea Pacific White-Legged Prawn | 12-15 Count | Sold in 2 pound increments

Should be consumed within 2-3 days of delivery or can be frozen.

TransparentSea Farm

TransparentSea is an indoor prawn farm in Los Angeles that is re-inventing sustainable seafood production.

They make their own saltwater, recycle over 99% of it, and then filter each tank 16-20 times per day. By using a scientific approach to mimic and harness natural processes, TransparentSea is making shrimp farming into a highly efficient, isolated, low-impact and delicious endeavor.



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