Live Sea Scallops - Massachusetts

Gloucester, MA

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Meet… Live Sea Scallops

Live Sea Scallops will be delivered whole (still in shell). While the vast majority of sea scallops are treated/soaked with chemicals to either increase size or shelf life these will deliver to you directly from the ocean floor!

Live in-Shell | Sold in 20 pound increments, about 1-1.2 pieces per pound (weighing wet & live animals isn't easy but every honest effort will be made to get as close to this exact weight as possible!)

Should be consumed within 48 hours of delivery.


If your needs call for wild caught, all natural shellfish and seafood of the highest quality then you have come to the right place. Monte and his daughter Rose have their own scallop and clams boats on the north shore of Boston.

Gloucester, MA

Scallops as sweet as can be.

Prepare & care

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