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Meet… Live Blue Lobsters

European blue lobsters get their name from the dark blue hue of their shell, which helps lobsters blend in with the dark seafloor. When cooked, blue lobsters turn brick red just like their Canadian and New England lobster cousins, Homarus americanus. However, besides the color of the shell, there are other important physical and taste factors that set them apart. While lobster meat in general tends to be described as ‘sweet’, the blue lobster meat has less water content and is therefore firmer than the American lobster. This is not only because of the species difference, the European lobster is not kept in tanks for extended periods of time and therefore has less water content when compared to American lobster.

Live blue lobster (homarus gammarus) | Sold in 2 lobster quantities

Size: We're targeting about 2lbs per lobster

Recommended to consume as soon as possible

Buena Vista Seafood

We look to Buena Vista for all top-quality products that we're looking to import from abroad. They secret weapon is their Live King Crabs and live langoustines from Norway. Now, they're bringing us live blue lobster from Portugal! Importing seafood has it's challenges, which is why we look to Buena Vista for there assistance in caring for these live animals


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