Golden Albino Sterlet Caviar

Product of Belgium

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Meet… Golden Albino Sterlet Caviar.

The Sterlet, Acipenser Ruthenus, is one of the original wild Caspian Sea Sturgeons, reminiscent of Sevruga in flavor with a similarly small egg size. It is known for a soft, creamy flavor and smooth finish. Usually dark black in color, this rare, light white, golden caviar comes from the small population of Albino Sterlet sustainably farmed in the clean waters of Belgium.

1 ounce caviar glass jar

Up to 3 weeks in the refrigerator

Great Atlantic Trading

Great Atlantic still specializes in the import/export of the world's finest caviar and specialty food items, retaining many loyal customers served since the early days of incorporation.​​ Supporting local and sustainable practices is important to us and we believe that it produces a superior product for our customers. In many cases, we take the time to visit our suppliers farms and production centers to ensure their standards of practice meets ours, in regards to aspects health, animal welfare, environmental impact, and more. Good caviar is always an expensive product. We strive to make it affordable, while doing everything we can to assure that our caviar is the finest available. Selecting only the freshest, whether sustainable, wild, domestic or imported, and personally inspecting each and every container received, to ensure our customers get only the very best available products.

Product of Belgium

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