Spot Prawns (Whole) - Southern California

San Diego, CA

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Meet… Spot Prawns.

San Diego Caught Wild Spot Prawn also known as “Amaebi“ (a delicacy in Japan). Spot Prawn are whole, shell and tail on. Please note some of your prawn may have “roe” or eggs. The roe is edible, great for garnishing, and high in Omega-3s. On average you will receive 7 to 10 Spot Prawn per 1 pound. Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch Program rate the Pacific Spot Prawn as a "Best Choice" sustainable option.

Whole | Sold in 2 pound increments (weighing live and very active animals isn't easy but every honest effort will be made to get as close to this exact weight as possible!)(WE CANNOT GUARANTEE THAT CRABS WILL ARRIVE ALIVE. Not to worry, these are still delicious to eat if they died in transit.)

Should be consumed within 48 hours of delivery.

Saraspe Seafoods

The Saraspe family has been servicing the San Diego area since the early ‘50s. The family’s fleet was established in 1952 when Lauro Saraspe built his first skiff. Unlike the average college student, he fished the early mornings before class and would drive around selling that morning’s catch to restaurants and wholesalers at lunchtime. He was one of the first fishermen in San Diego to supply Chesapeake Fish Co. and Anthony’s Fish Grotto.

San Diego, CA

Spot Prawns have a sweet and delicate texture that can be prepared raw as sashimi, grilled over vegetables, or as a scampi in pasta!

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