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Meet… Fresh Blue Crab Meat

Fresh blue crab meat is a delectable delicacy harvested from the succulent flesh of blue crabs, offering a rich flavor and tender texture. Unlike whole crabs that require cracking and cleaning, fresh crab meat saves you time and effort, allowing you to savor the exquisite taste of crab without the hassle of preparation.

Sold in increments of 12 or 16oz tubs. Fresh never frozen.

Can be kept up to 5 days in refrigerator and can be frozen.

Doral Foods

We bring you exceptional quality from Colombia’s pristine waters with handpicked crabs caught and processed at our certified HACCP facilities. Our crab meat which comes from the species Callinectes Sapidus and Callinectes Toxotes, is caught fresh from Atlantic and Pacific ocean waters. Through strict and dominant specifications, our goal is to always deliver consistency in our deliciously flavored crab meat by providing the freshest natural product into the market.

Doral International Foods has an extended reach to this beautiful resource, which allows our plants to provide thousands of jobs, while yielding an excellent product. The crab meat’s sustainability and social responsibilities are followed by all plants, maintaining the species at healthy levels and premium quality. We are proud to provide an exceptional product, which allows us to feed families and people of the private sector. We hope you enjoy our outstanding fresh taste from Colombia!


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