Conservation, Quality, and Community are E-Fish's three key principles. They're possible only with our unique Dock-to-Door supply chain model, connecting harvesters directly with customers.

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E-Fish is one of only a few suppliers to truly send seafood from Dock-To-Door. Our Harvesters are small business owners willing to harvest seafood according to demand, so that it's caught, typically, just two days before it's at our customer's doorsteps.


Sustainable Products

Our Harvesters go above and beyond government regulations to only sell sustainably caught products. Many of our harvesters avoid using nets, as they create large amounts of bycatch (animals accidentally caught and often killed alongside the fish). Instead, they fish using hooks & line, traps, or by raising the harvest themselves in carefully regulated farms. In the few cases that nets are necessary for harvest, they use nets with larger holes to reduce bycatch (in the process, sacrificing some of their profit).

Fishing With Fish In Mind

Most grocery store fish are caught indiscriminately overseas, where there is relatively little regulation. This thins wild populations down over time, often resulting in overfishing (when there aren't enough fish to reproduce, putting the population in a downward spiral).

1% for the Planet

E-Fish is a proud member of 1% for the Planet. Who are they?:
1% for the Planet is a global movement inspiring businesses and individuals to support environmental nonprofits through annual membership and everyday actions. We advise on giving strategies, we certify donations and we amplify the impact of our network.
As a proud contributing member of this organization, we've joined over 2,000 other businesses around the world in helping fund inspiring, highly vetted environmental nonprofits.


Incredibly Fresh, Traceable Fish

Our Dock-to-Door model means our product never sees a warehouse, and in many cases is even shipped live. Products from E-Fish are fully traceable, meaning you'll know:
  • When it was harvested.
  • Who harvested it.
  • How long it's been out of the water.
  • How many hands it went through to get to you (with us, it's just the harvester and you!)
Unlike your local seafood counter, our customer service experts are always happy to chat about any of our products or where it came from. Take a look at these videos by Future of Fish, explaining the importance of seafood traceability.
Without it, you can't truly be sure of the quality of your fish.

Unique Selection

At E-Fish, we make an effort not only to partner with harvesters that promise excellent quality, but those that can provide incredibly unique opportunities to our customers.
A perfect example is our partnership with Saraspe Seafoods, which prior to working with E-Fish sold their rare Spot Prawns and sashimi grade Bluefin Tuna only around their local city, San Diego. Joining E-Fish lets them now sell regularly as far as New England without any compromise in quality.


Give Back With Your First Purchase

Use code STRONG on your first order to donate profits to The Restaurant Strong Fund.
E-fish was born out of the mission to improve the efficiency, traceability, and quality of products in the seafood industry. We hold these values both for their impact on the environment as well as their ability to support the fishermen and harvesters who go the extra mile to provide sustainable, top shelf seafood.
E-fish launched just before the outbreak of COVID-19, a pandemic that has disproportionately affected the hospitality industry as well as people, like our harvesters, who supply their businesses. Our mission to support our harvesters and our communities has never been more important. As a result, the profits from every customer’s first purchase go entirely to the Restaurant Strong Fund, a partnership between fellow Boston locals, Samuel Adams and The Greg Hill Foundation, to provide aid to restaurant workers across 20 states. 
We feel fortunate to be in a position where this crisis positively benefits us. However, we would be ignorant to ignore the many thousands of companies struggling to stay afloat during these times. Success for us isn’t about being on top of the mountain alone, we need to be at the top with amazing peers. In order to get there, we feel that it’s pertinent to support restaurants and harvesters in need. We are excited to be navigating these waters alongside our harvesters, local businesses, and customers.