E-Fish Fresh Guarantee


We get it, buying seafood anywhere can be intimidating. Buying seafood online, on the other hand, is even crazier! Well, we believe in the products we sell so much, that we're willing to guarantee that you'll receive a great product. 

We guarantee everything we sell. If you’re not satisfied with an E-Fish product when you receive it, or if a product doesn’t arrive in a condition that satisfies you, reach out to us for a reshipment of your choice or a full refund. 

Our Promise

We vet every new supplier that comes onto our platform to ensure quality and social/environmental impact. We believe that seafood is done best when fresh out of the water with nothing added to it. That’s why we promise that our fresh seafood products will never have added chemicals, preservatives, or sodium tripolyphosphate.


Live Seafood

We cannot guarantee that "Live" products will arrive alive (with the exception of oysters, mussels, and clams). Unfortunately, we cannot issue refunds for products that arrive dead. Not to worry, we only sell live items that are still safe to consume when dead.