Anchovies - Northern California

San Francisco, CA

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Meet… Fresh Anchovies.

It's unlikely you've ever had anchovies like this before! Fresh anchovies aren't just delicious but they're GREAT for your overall health! These anchovies are kept live onboard until packing to be shipped! Fresh anchovies will have a clean full flavor.

Whole | Sold in 2 pound increments

Should be consumed within 24 hours of delivery.

Buena Vista Seafood

We look to Buena Vista for all top-quality products that we're looking to import from abroad. They secret weapon is their Live King Crabs and live langoustines from Norway. Now, they're bringing us live blue lobster from Portugal! Importing seafood has it's challenges, which is why we look to Buena Vista for there assistance in caring for these live animals

San Francisco, CA

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