Peconic Escargot - Fresh In Shell - 4 Dozen

Cutchogue, New York

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Meet our Fresh Peconic Escargot (Shell On)

Our finest fresh escargot. This is a bag of 4 dozen (48 pieces) snails still in shell. These are fresh Petit Gris snails raised at Peconic Escargot in Cutchogue NY. The snails are raised with great care and fed wild foraged greens like burdock, clover, sorrel, and dandelion. After all, if they were in the wild, that's exactly what they'd be eating. Why feed them anything else? Once the snails are ready for processing, they're finished on a diet of herbs like mint, basil, and tarragon. Those herbs become prominent nuances in the snail's ultimate flavor profile.

Peconic Escargot - 4 Dozen In Shell

Refrigerate the escargot immediately upon arrival and use within 7 days

Peconic Escargot

Peconic Escargot is the only operating USDA permitted snail farm in the country. We raise the Petit Gris species of snail - prized for their tenderness and flavor. Our snails are always sold fresh and raw - never canned, cooked, or frozen. We also produce Snail Caviar - the eggs of the petit gris snails! A rare and unique caviar with flavors of mushroom, forest, carrot, and herbs

Cutchogue, New York

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