Oven Ready Peconic Escargot

Cutchogue, New York

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Meet our Oven Ready Peconic Escargot! 

Do you want to enjoy Peconic Escargot without the hassle of poaching snails and making a roasting butter? This is for you! Introducing Oven-Ready Peconic Escargot! Two Dozen Shelled Peconic Escargot with Black Truffle Butter! From freezer to table in 10 minutes! Simply pop it in the oven until the butter is bubbly. Enjoy with warm crustry bread or crackers. A glass of wine doesn't hurt either!

Fresh tender garlicky Peconic Escargot has never been easier to make and enjoy at home. Have it for a special date night, anniversary, party, or simply a fancy afternoon snack! Comes with it's own baking tin! No dish necessary! Clean up is a breeze. Snails are shelled. Only cleaned tender meats. No picking. Ships frozen, stores frozen, cook from frozen. Butter Ingredients: Butter, Salt, Parsley, Garlic, Shallot, Black Truffle, White Truffle Oil

Freeze the escargot immediately upon arrival. It's okay if they thaw out in transit.

Peconic Escargot

Peconic Escargot is the only operating USDA permitted snail farm in the country. We raise the Petit Gris species of snail - prized for their tenderness and flavor. Our snails are always sold fresh and raw - never canned, cooked, or frozen. We also produce Snail Caviar - the eggs of the petit gris snails! A rare and unique caviar with flavors of mushroom, forest, carrot, and herbs

Cutchogue, New York

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