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Meet… Live Purple Sea Urchins.

Purple urchins are a major problem accross the west coast of California right now. The number of predators to the purple urchin have declined significantly. As a result, the purple urchin population has exploded out of control, having decimated 95% of California kelp forests since 2014. Our friends at Monterey Abalone have been working with local divers to collect these urchins and raise them alongside their Abalone. Essentially, they are harvesting and ranching the purple urchins so they are full of beautiful meat, creating a solution to a really tough problem. Similar to invasive species, eating these urchins actual creates a positive impact to our Pacific ocean.

Live Purple Sea Urchins | Sold by the piece

Up to 24 hours in the refrigerator and can be frozen.

Monterey Abalone

Co-owners Art Seavey and Trevor Fay are hands-on in every phase of the cultivation and harvest on a daily basis. Their operating goal is to duplicate the abalone's natural environment of growth in the ocean, so they arrive at the table as natural seafood of the highest quality. The abalone are fed fresh, hand-harvested giant kelp (Macrocystis). The kelp is harvested each week from the local kelp beds and is transported in the company's skiff directly to the farm and then fed to the abalone. Their custom cultivation system uses cages suspended in the water column from beneath the Commercial Wharf in Monterey Bay to produce virtually natural abalone habitats. The farm is fully compatible with the local marine environment and resources.

Monterey, CA

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