Horse Mackerel

San Diego, CA

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Meet… Fresh Horse Mackerel (Aji).

Mackerel is considered one of the more healthful fish because it’s rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Its oil content makes mackerel an excellent candidate for barbecuing or smoking. A lime marinade before cooking smoothes the taste and firms and whitens the meat. Horse mackerel is slightly smaller and has a less strong flavor than traditional pacific mackerel. These Mackerel are fresh, whole and every fish is individually bled by hand to ensure this is the highest quality mackerel you will ever taste.

Whole | Sold in 2 pound increments

Should be consumed within 24 hours of delivery.

Shane's Seafood

Shane takes better care of mackerel than any harvester we've met. He takes the time to bleed out every single fish, caring for them as if they're the center of the plate, not just bait. Shane strictly fishes with a rod & reel, meaning this is an ultra-sustainable fishery. /p>

San Diego, CA

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