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Meet… Live Norwegian Red King Crabs

Discover the exceptional taste of Live Norwegian King Crab, sourced from Norway's pristine waters. This sustainable delicacy not only delights your palate but also aids in restoring ecological balance in Norway's marine ecosystem. Enjoy the sweet, succulent meat of these crabs while supporting environmental conservation. Order Live Norwegian King Crab today and savor a sustainable seafood delight.

Live Norwegian King Crab (Paralithodes camtschaticus) | Sold in 1 crab quantities

Size: We're targeting about 2.8-3KG size, but weight can very. (WE CANNOT GUARANTEE THAT CRABS WILL ARRIVE ALIVE. Not to worry, these are still delicious to eat if they died in transit.)

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Buena Vista Seafood

We look to Buena Vista for all top-quality products that we're looking to import from abroad. They secret weapon is their Live King Crabs and live langoustines from Norway. Now, they're bringing us live blue lobster from Portugal! Importing seafood has it's challenges, which is why we look to Buena Vista for there assistance in caring for these live animals


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