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Portland, ME

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Meet... Cold Cracked Raw Lobster Meat

Raw claw and knuckle meat, ready to cook in any way you can imagine. Cold Cracked Lobster is a proprietary raw lobster meat, pressure-extracted without heat or steam, processed within 12 hours of harvest and flash frozen to retain flavor and texture. Ready to poach, sauté, or grill, this fresh shucked raw Maine lobster offers succulent texture, sweet flavor, and countless culinary opportunities.

Quantity: 8 ounces (one 8 ounce pack), 1lb (two 8 ounce packs) or 2lbs (1 x 2lbs pack) of raw (previously flash frozen) lobster meat.

For best results, eat within 7 days. Can re-freeze, but not recommended

Ready Seafood

Ready Seafood is a family-run business founded by two hard working Maine brothers with a passion for lobster fishing. We are committed to offering the finest fresh, frozen, and live lobster—always sustainably harvested and processed.

Portland, ME

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