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Meet… Live Monterey Red Abalone.

As part of a partnership with Monterey Abalone Company, we are excited to sell live Monterey Abalone in four different sizes. To prepare - Shuck abalone foot from shell, remove organs and head, rinse in fresh water and place foot in a bowl and refrigerate for one hour. While resting in the bowl, the foot is going to produce some body fluid, juices. Do not discard. After chilling, slice foot into steaks 1/4 inch thick slices. Place steaks into a zip loc baggie and tenderize by pounding, a few good whacks over every square inch on both sides. Put tenderized steaks back into the bowl with the juices. From here you can flour and sautee, grill or poach.

Whole & Live | Sold by the piece in various sizes

Up to 24 hours in the refrigerator and can be frozen.

Monterey Abalone

Co-owners Art Seavey and Trevor Fay are hands-on in every phase of the cultivation and harvest on a daily basis. Their operating goal is to duplicate the abalone's natural environment of growth in the ocean, so they arrive at the table as natural seafood of the highest quality. The abalone are fed fresh, hand-harvested giant kelp (Macrocystis). The kelp is harvested each week from the local kelp beds and is transported in the company's skiff directly to the farm and then fed to the abalone. Their custom cultivation system uses cages suspended in the water column from beneath the Commercial Wharf in Monterey Bay to produce virtually natural abalone habitats. The farm is fully compatible with the local marine environment and resources.

Monterey, CA

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