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Meet… Kauai Ama Ebi

The shrimp that hasn't left the island in decades is finally available to the mainland. These beautiful, deep-water red ama ebi are sweet, tender, and shipped FRESH! These shrimp are trap caught, which is one of our preferred methods of fishing for limited by-catch and limited impact on the environment. These shrimp are caught at over 2,000 feet deep, so unfortunately they cannot be shipped alive.

Fresh Kauai Ama Ebi (20 pieces per pound) | Sold in 2 pound increments

Should be consumed within 4 days of delivery or can be frozen.

Kainoa Fisheries

Meet Devin and his father Vincent, founders of Kainoa Fishery. Most fishermen in Hawaii target finfish, which is how Vincent has spent his 30+ year career as a commercial fisherman. However, there's a lot of commercial fishermen targeting ahi and mahi mahi. Instead of focusing on these staples, the Silva family has carved out a special niche focusing on deep water shrimps. They're learned from the shrimpers before them, who are happy to pass down the unique technique down to the next generation of sustainable shrimp harvesters.

Kauai, HI

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