Love Point Oysters - 50 Count

Harpswell, ME

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Meet… Love Point Oysters.

Shipped directly from the water to you! Love Point Oysters are harvested to order and shipped to your door straight out of the water! Supporting E-Fish and Love Point Oysters, means you're supporting not one but TWO 1% For the Planet Members. That's double the donations to the environment!

Petite | 50 count Eastern Oysters

7-10 days in refrigerator. Do not freeze.

Love Point Oysters

Love Point Oysters is located in Harpswell, Maine where we farm world-class oysters in an effort to highlight our inherent love of the natural world and celebrate positive, healthy relationships with our natural resources. Our oysters are carefully cultivated for over two years while they grow in the clean, cold waters of Casco Bay, Maine. Our oysters never touch the seafloor, instead they live their lives in floating oyster bags where they are gently massaged by rolling waves moving through the bay and develop thick shells and plump meats.

Harpswell, ME

These oysters are awesome. They are briny but not over powering like some people find Cape Cod oysters to be and they finish with a sweet almost cucumber flavor.

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