Masamoto Fish Bone Tweezers

New Orleans, LA

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Meet… Masamoto Fish Bone Tweezer.

Celebrate not just with amazing food for the day but with kitchen essentials to last a lifetime. Chefs across the country rely on Coutelier for the best kitchen tools and so we've partnered with them to bring you the essentials.

Often, the best way to buy fish is with the least amount of processing which means you have to remove the bones. Here's a set of tweezers specifically designed for removing fish bones... unlike that pair you've been using from the bathroom! These tweezers will make the job much easier.

Masamoto Fish Bone Tweezers


Jacqueline and Brandt are the founders of Coutelier. Jacqueline comes from a deep Cajun background, growing up on Bayou Lafourche in Southeast Louisiana’s Assumption Parish. Her family settled into the Lafourche Valley in the late 1700’s as sugar cane farmers, and they’ve been there ever since. Cooking has always been in the fabric of her family, taking part in traditions such as crawfish boils and the old Cajun boucheries each fall. After getting her bachelor degree in Culinary Arts from Nicholls State University just after Hurricane Katrina, she headed west to join the team of Chef Thomas Keller’s French Laundry and Bouchon in Napa Valley. After a summer cooking in Provence at Chateau de Montcaud, Jackie was offered a sous chef position from fellow TFL alum Corey Lee at San Francisco’s highly acclaimed Benu, where she helped the team earn 3 Michelin stars.

Realizing that she couldn’t immediately finance the restaurant she’d hoped for, she took a slight career turn (a hiatus, really) to open Coutelier back home in New Orleans - a business decision she felt was based off of the needs of her peers and fellow cooking community of South Louisiana. Serious cooks need serious tools.

She and Brandt travel to Japan yearly to the source of this ancient craft they have come to foster and facilitate understanding towards. Their goal is to support and promote the focused, multi-generation blacksmiths of Japan who hand-forge professional cutlery for the culinary community. Education is at the core of it. They feel the quality and craftsmanship of Japanese steel is unrivaled on a worldwide scale. Her love for Japanese cuisine and technique has deeped along the way, and she continues to have plans for a small restaurant of her own.

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