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Saraspe Family Seafoods was built to capture the voices of fishermen and women like ourselves, bring them together and strengthen and reactivate the seafood system in California.

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Saraspe Seafoods

Your San Diego Fishing Family

Saraspe Seafoods is a family business with deep roots in the San Diego community and close relationships with the local fishermen. As a family, they are determined to change the way local products are marketed and in 2015 shifted the family business from selling straight to distributors towards building a brand that serves the greater community and supports sustainable food systems.

Partership with E-Fish

By partnering with E-Fish, the leading harvester-direct, fresh & seasonal seafood company, Saraspe delivers the very best, freshest, ethically and sustainably sourced ingredients and can now better achieve their goal to make locally-caught products more accessible to consumers through both local (San Diego) and nationwide delivery.

Local Catch Network Member: Saraspe Seafoods

The Saraspe family has been servicing the San Diego area since the early ‘50s. The family’s fleet was established in 1952 when Lauro Saraspe built his first skiff. Unlike the average college student, he fished the early mornings before class and would drive around selling that morning’s catch to restaurants and wholesalers at lunchtime. He was one of the first fishermen in San Diego to supply Chesapeake Fish Co. and Anthony’s Fish Grotto.