It's time to sea-food confidently.

E-Fish is the only harvester-direct, fresh & seasonal seafood company built to meet both your one-of-a-kind desires and everyday needs.


Harvester Direct

This does not just mean we work directly with our Harvesters. This means that our Harvesters are actually packing your product. So when you order your Maine scallops or Santa Barbara Uni from us, they ship directly from our Harvesters in Maine and Santa Barbara.

Nationwide Shipping

We don’t just work on one-coast. We work with Harvesters from around the country and ship directly to you wherever you are. Don’t believe us? If we can ship fresh seafood to Aspen, we can ship directly to you!

The Freshest Seafood

We honor the fish and the ocean because not all seafood is equal. Fresh is not always what it seems and we work closely with our Harvesters to ensure that you receive the freshest product. More often than not, your fish is probably still swimming when you order with us.

Sustainable At Our Core

The ocean is like a garden. Year-round availability of a species often comes with drawbacks, which is why we work with in-season products harvested the right way like hook and line and diver-caught. As we like to say; there are plenty of fish in the sea and we strive to bring you the best of what is available, today.

We Work With the Most Discerning Chefs

Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten 


Everyone knows about farm to table, but E-Fish takes it from boat to table! Sustainable fish directly from the fisherman, you cannot get fresher. Whether it’s the black sea bass, live sea scallops, black cod or head on sushi grade halibut. Unless you are fishing yourself, you cannot get any better -- you will get hooked! Happy Catch and Cooking - Chef JG

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Saraspe Seafood

The Saraspe family is the quintessential southern California fishing family. They’re multigenerational, and to this day the whole family is in the business. Andy and Charlie go fishing (Father/Son duo), and Tanner and Sarah (mother daughter) pack the shipments. Their care for product is unparalleled. They specialize in Spot prawns (February – October) and Spiny Lobsters (October – March), but they’ll also source rod & reel caught finfish like bluefin tuna, sheepshead, and pacific tilefish. 

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Tradewind Seafood

Gene at Tradewind is the Uni expert. He specializes in local Santa Barbara uni. They are the direct offloader and processor of uni in Oxnard, for boats diving the channel islands. This product is shucked and packed out the same day, delivered to you the following day. They offer wet packs (ensui), wood trays, and plastic trays. They have the ability to import from Japan and peru, but we mainly focus on their local Santa Barbara product. 

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Great Atlantic Trading

Dana at Great Atlantic Trading is one of an elite handful who are direct importers of some of the best caviars in the world. We're fortunate to have a direct connection with the family who is able to ship caviar directly from their facility in North Carolina. Everyone else has them ship to their own facility, then they store it and ship out to restaurants. At E-Fish, there's no question as to how long the product has been in inventory. Not to mention that we have access to over 50 different types of caviar in any tin or jar size you want. Don't forget to ask about private labeling the tin with your logo on it! 

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